Youth Learning Code Curriculum

Participants make a significant commitment when joining Youth Learning Code (YLC) so it’s not for everyone. It’s like joining the basketball team or drama club – it’s a big time commitment.

The program runs after school – two evenings each week and all day Saturday. By the time you’re done, you’re fully qualified as a Full Stack Developer. You’re ready to step into a high paying job in the coding community. I’m sure that sounds great, but there’s also a warning that goes with the reward – you have to do the work to be ready, right?

Let’s have a look at the commitment you’re making and the rewards that come along the way.


The coding curriculum is laid out so you can start in Grade 9 and finish as you leave Grade 12. There’s nothing saying you must do it this way; you can go faster if you want. But there’s also a lot more to YLC than just coding. By the time you mix in everyday life, live projects, and the other elements of YLC, you might find yourself wanting to take some extra time with the coding.

Beginner Full Stack Practical (y1)


Programming History/theory (y1)


Computing Foundation/Theory (y1)


Digital Media Concepts (y1)


LAMP Stack Concepts (y1)


Intermediate Full Stack Practical (y2)


Beginning Linux System Administration for Web Hosting (y2)


Full Stack Practical (y3)


Modern Web Development with PHP & Javascript (Deep Dive) (y3)


Modern Web Development with Node.js (Deep Dive) (y4)


Live Projects

You can start doing Live Projects when you’re finished the Intermediate Full Stack Practical. A Live Project means you’re working with a local business owner to help them build, or expand, their web and mobile presence.

Professional Development

How to Research


Project Management


The Art & Science of Networking




Social Media Marketing


Information Marketing


Broadcast Media – Podcasting and Video


Resume & Cover Letter Optimization


Data Management


Personal Development

Self-Image for Success


Critical Thinking




Financial Literacy

Prosper Canada (link opens in a new tab) has developed the Centre for Financial Literacy. We use their nine module course on financial literacy several times during the program. Everyone’s understanding of things changes as they grow and learn, right? YLC helps you grow your knowledge, income, and professional network. We go through the financial literacy course multiple times because we want you to build wealth instead of just getting a big paycheque.

Fitness and Nutrition


Food Security


Adventurous Journeys

Exploring Toronto










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